Technological Products


Including the most recent advances in microelectronics, it has a powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) able to make 60 million operations per second (60 MIPS).

This unit is programmable, thus allowing its user to specify the operation desired (speed, acceleration, etc.). With the help of an encoder, it memorizes the relative position of the different floor levels, thus dramatically simplifying the installation in the elevator shaft. Then, it calculates the optimal acceleration and deceleration patterns. Through a parametrizable digital PID algorithm, it controls the speed by varying the energy delivered to the engine, as it has a wide variety of adjustments. It is also easy to operate thanks to a very intuitive interface. It can be included in units such as VVVF, DC, UMV (Multi-voltage), etc. 

The controller makes the reading of the floor levels by allowing to eliminate the gearshift plates; thus substantially simplifying the installation of the elevator shaft. This is especially noticeable in units with speeds higher than 90 mpm, since the multiple gearshift signals typically used by conventional systems for a smooth running are not necessary.

It allows:
› Installation
› Calibration
› Start-up

It commands:
› VVVF Driver
› DC Driver
› Multi-voltage

Protections included:
› Encoder missing
› Excessive speed 
› Reversing
› Speed error 
› Blocked rotor, etc.

It enables to standardize:
› Number of pulses of encoder.
› Acceleration and deceleration ramps.
› In floor-to-floor or express trips.
› Speed: Maximum, minimum, express, floor-to-floor and others.



It runs with different kinds of encoder
It memorizes levels in “learning mode”
It creates acceleration and deceleration ramps
PC connection to ease adjustment and to observe trip curve


It allows to manage the information of a group of elevators by properly coordinating the dispatch thereof.
Thus, it takes different variables such as calls from corridors and cars, the relative position of elevators, running directions, etc. This batch of information is gathered and processed by this device, so that it allows to optimize the answer to calls. 

It has a display and buttons allowing for a direct parametrization. It can be programmed as per:
› Station floor
› Type of dispatch
› Out of service, etc.

Additionally, daily or weekly events may be programmed. It has an output for remote PC communication, which allows to supervise and modify the behavior of the group of elevators. 

The communication between the various elevators, the Manager and the PC is made by a series channel. Dedicated software has to be installed in the PC. The real-time display of information is easy and intuitive, which makes it fast and easy for the user to interpret it. 



Animation of the car and door position.
Status of the call buttons. 
Informative chart with the elevator’s operational status.
A chart to set the elevator to different types of services (independent, automatic, etc.).
Position Indicator.