Power Controls




› HR- or MR- controlled plates

› Protections included: Thermo-magnetic protection at safety devices, brake, door operator, etc. Thermal protection relay for engine. Top-quality standardized contactors. Resistances in metallic box and siliconed wire connections. IP2LX protection.

› Types of motor: one and two speeds, VVVF, Hydraulic, UMV (multi-voltage).

› Door options: Manual, semi-automatic, Automatic: Triphasic, triphasic with continuous current dynamic braking, monophasic, continuous current (all of which include thermal devices in motor and in the end of line devices), VVVF.

Control board for elevator machines with one- or two-speed asynchronous motors, with VVVF technology (variable voltage and frequency). 


With MR or HR plates, an optimal system configuration to the features of the application with VVVF driver can be achieved.

Excellent performance DANFOSS or YASKAWA drivers, the world leaders in this kind of driving devices, are used. 

Their virtues enable them to easily adapt to any kind of motor (including the old ones) without any kind of problems. 

They self-adjust to the motor they must command (by performing a measurement of the motor’s electric parameters –resistance and impedances– thus ensuring an effective control of speed, for any load condition, and at very low speeds or at 0 HZ. 

Both the starting and the approach to floor are performed in a smooth and controlled way, thereby achieving a great travel comfort and a reduction in electric power consumption. Upon detention, the injection of continuous current fully stops the motor, thus obtaining smooth and flawless levelings without any wear and tear of the brake shoes.

Another important feature is its low radiofrequency emission which makes it compliant with the EMC EN 55011 standard. It has harmonic filters, which minimize interference on TV, radio, etc. In elevators of speeds higher than 1.5 m/s, an encoder can be built-in so as to have an optimal control of the travel curve.

It is ideal when it comes to substantially improving the elevator‘s comfort, or if a flawless leveling is required (in order to facilitate the access of: disabled and/or older people, stretchers, carts, etc.). 


Triphasic selector at the general power supply of the control board.
Driver’s intrinsic protections: phase fault, short-circuit, overheating, low or excess voltage, and so on and so forth.
Driver: self-adjustment to the motor used. Vector motor control.
It allows to adjust using a quick menu: motor data, de acceleration and deceleration ramps, maximum and leveling speeds.