Control Boards


As a result of the ongoing work of our engineering department, the WILCOX HR & MR COMMAND SYSTEM is conceived to meet the most demanding requirements of the present-day elevator market. Modern, versatile and low-cost, it is the best solution to all the existing varieties. Its vast on-site programming capacities without any additional equipment dramatically reduce start-up and adjustment costs.

It features two versions of one and the same technology, which share both programming and nomenclature, thus reducing learning time:



Optimized for hydraulic and traction passenger elevators for residential or office buildings of up to 8 stories at most.


Fully parametrizable:
› Number and denomination of stops: HR, 8 stops – MR, 64 stops.
› Dispatches: ascending/ descending, descending, automatic, duplex, triplex or multiplex.
› Type of doors: Manual, Automatic.
› Functional times: of door, car, acceleration, alarm, etc.
› Protections: travel time –pulse fault –limit fault – door fault–contactor fault –re-leveling fault, and many more.
› Power commands: one speed, two speeds, Hydraulic, VVVF, UMV.
› Re-leveling (in Hydraulic ones).
› Courtesy light –station floor –virtual scales.


For residential passenger elevators or for office buildings of up to 64 stops, with collective, individual or in-series maneuvers. All power commands and types of door.

Top reliability – Very low energy-consumption.
› Basic services available: Manual, full, overload, fire, independent service, etc.
› Door alarm in manual door, to be programmed as per: open door time and ringing alarm time.
› Evaluation of safety devices with low voltage power cut.
› Verification of faults as indicated on display.
› 3 wire signaling connection: position indicator, voice synthetizer and gong.
› Strong, short-circuitable.
› Positioning and counting of floors by plastoferrite magnets.
› PC-assisted supervision.

Everything is configurable on site.